This is what transparent looks like

May 22, 2012

Times Argus

Another day and another misleading letter from Jeff Wennberg and Vermonters for Health Care Freedom (“Lack of Understanding,” May 15). Jeff continues to call VHCF a business group, but I can’t find any mention of a single Vermont business listed on the group’s website. In fact, I can’t find any information regarding the membership of VHCF anywhere. Whom do they represent? Where are they getting their money? Jeff refuses to tell Vermonters exactly who is controlling and funding this shadow organization.

Members of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility know that the employer-based insurance system is hurting our economy. It’s restraining job and wage growth, and it is stopping the next generation of Vermont entrepreneurs from creating new companies. The system is unfair to our business leaders and our employees. VBSR has 1,200 members across the state; we employ 15 percent of the Vermont workforce and contribute billions of dollars to the economy. And anyone can go to our website and view information on all the businesses that are members. We are fully transparent.

What companies does VHCF represent? Who knows? They won’t tell us. Until they do, everything this group says should be taken with a healthy handful of salt.

Daniel Barlow
Public policy manager
Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility