Take a look at health care

April 18, 2011

(I am writing in response to Val Loureiro's letter of April 13.)

Take a look at health care.

The writer cites "longer waiting times, cuts in services, doctors leaving, and the possibility of smaller hospitals closing" as the potential pitfalls of health system reform. I'm curious: Has Ms. Loureiro tried to access health care in the Bennington area recently?


It is almost impossible to find a primary care doctor, and, if one is able to do so, appointments for new patients are not available for several months. Looking for an appointment with a gynecologist or a mental health counselor? Same issue. Cuts in services? Take a look at your health insurance plan if you are fortunate enough to have one.

I know that my family's plan costs more this year than last but fewer services are covered. And, those that are covered cost more.

And, guess what? We can't even use the health coverage until we have paid for the first $3,600 worth of services! As to doctors leaving and smaller hospitals closing, many have done so already and we have not yet decided how we will pursue health care reform.

The current system is broken. Instead of waiting for it to implode, let's move forward.


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