Single payer will be better

November 02, 2013

Rutland Herald

With the confusion surrounding the national health care system it is important to clarify what is actually happening in Vermont. Americans will soon be required to have health insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This will probably be better for people across the country, but in Vermont it is not for many.

I run a small farm in the Northeast Kingdom. Because of my low income, I currently receive coverage under VHAP, Vermont’s Medicaid, like many friends and their families. This is good care at a reasonable cost. Under the ACA our costs will rise and our care will decrease. I am not writing to critique the national system; we must recognize what is happening now and fight for our state universal health care system. Vermont is the first state to pass a universal health care system, going into effect in 2017. The ACA and universal system are being conflated in the media. Under the universal system, health care will return to the high quality of care as before, if not better. All will be covered.

Though this legislation has passed, we must ensure we get the system we need. The Vermont Workers Center is keeping up the fight. There will be a health care forum at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Barre, Dec. 3.