Pushing the Envelope

February 18, 2018

The Valley Reporter

To The Editor:

I just read your editorial in this week’s Valley Reporter about the "draconian cuts" in health care subsidies proposed by Governor Scott and his administration. The proposal is why so many of us are now saying that Universal Primary Care is more important than ever! Health insurers and hospital providers are making out like bandits, particularly the CEOs with million-dollar salaries while primary care providers are the lowest paid doctors in the state!

Although I can no longer afford to live in The Valley for many, many reasons, it is great to know that The Valley Reporter keeps pushing the envelope and letting your readers know what is happening in Montpelier and how it affects not only middle-income Vermonters but particularly those who barely get by, like myself, dare I say, the lower classes?

One of the reasons I moved to Montpelier was so I could keep track of what is happening at the Legislature. I have recently joined the Vermont Poor People's Campaign and would like to suggest that others do so too. We are at a real crisis now, environmentally, financially and especially, socially. Income inequality is hitting so many of us very hard, particularly those of us on tiny fixed incomes. Although we all were supposed to receive over a 2 percent raise in Social Security this year with an increase in what they take out for Medicare, many of us received no increase at all.

Keep up your good editorials and please follow the work of Vermont Health Care for All!

Mary Alice Bisbee
Formerly of Waitsfield