Paying for Lack of Single Payer

May 14, 2016

 Rutland Herlad

Dawn Smith Pliner (“Health care nightmare, May 13) ought to be married to a Canadian. The health enrollment form is one page long — and it covers the entire family. An American acquaintance of mine, married to a Canadian, suffered a three-months-long, life-threatening crisis a month after they moved there and received excellent, affordable care, no further paperwork required.

The inept processing Ms. Pliner is subject to is not a bug; it’s a feature. Vermonters cannot have the health care we deserve because the Affordable Care Act was written to please the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries, which were placated with a minimum of 15 percent of revenues for “administrative expenses” and $80 billion in profits respectively.

We Vermonters have a national reputation for caring for one another, but many of us are gulled by the appeals to fear, uncertainty and doubt peddled by those who make tens and hundreds of millions in profit from sickness and death. Ms. Pliner should join those who fight for universal, affordable and accessible health care for all.