Overcoming Obstacles

August 01, 2014

Rutland Herald

Rob Roper’s recent commentary “Put small business first” in The Times Argus may have inadvertently given a boost to Act 48’s universal/single payer health care plan. I say inadvertently because the folks at the Ethan Allen Institute are ideologically opposed to any such publicly funded system.

For example, one of greatest obstacles facing small businesses in general and start-ups in particular when trying to compete with large corporations in recruiting and keeping key employees is the lack of health care benefits. With “single payer” health care this disadvantage is non-existent.

Secondly, “single payer” health care no doubt could be the tipping point in attracting out of state small businesses and start-ups to go along with our high ranking in quality of life and educational standing, as per Mr. Roper’s commentary.

Many lament “losing” Vermonters to the lure of employment opportunities and life-style of big cites such as New York, Boston, L.A., etc. This is a natural calling for young adults who have spent their entire lives in a small rural state. To many it’s a big, exciting, and glamorous world with the possibility of “making it big” that should be experienced first hand. However, after a taste of the outside world, I suspect many would like to return to our wonderful state at some point and start their own small business. With guaranteed health care from ‘single payer,” one of the main obstacles to coming home and beginning a new life would be removed.

Jerry Kilcourse