New Healthcare Untested?

The Manchester Journal

To the Editor:

You may not have seen it, but the folks at Vermonters for Health Care Freedom (VHCF) have made a pretty slick 8-minute video that they apparently sent to all our Vermont legislators.

The crux is that our health care reform is too untested, too complicated, just beyond our abilities to institute. That's a pretty bizarre claim.

Too untested? Really?

Did VHCF simply miss the fact that the entire rest of the developed world has health care systems much closer to our new system than to what VHCF wants to stick with?

What's radical here is wanting to stick with a plan that has repeatedly shown itself to be broken.

What's radical is sticking with a health care policy that costs more than health care every other place on earth.

And where do you suppose that VHCF came up with the money to make this video?

I think that a little piece of my exorbitant premium played some role.

Call or e-mail your legislators. Tell them to pay attention to what we really need and ignore the radical ideas of VHCF.

Lee Russ