Moving toward comprehensive care

Rutland Herald

In his recent letter on health care reform, Shawn Shouldice neglects to specify that his concerns refer to the transitional “exchange” process, not the single-payer system being developed by the Green Mountain Care Board.

As described by the GMC board at their open meeting on March 29, this simpler, more coordinated, incentive-driven approach expands the understanding of benefits beyond clinical care to look at a systemwide approach. This includes prevention and public education. It incorporates community wellness teams that will work with Vermonters in the area between primary care and specialized service to support patients and families, coordinate care and services, manage cases, and help people manage their own care. This rational, systemic approach will mean every Vermonter will receive the care and support we need. The issue of “generous” insurance policies for some Vermonters and not others will be meaningless.

All of Mr. Shouldice’s worries, particularly the issue of public employees, will become moot under Green Mountain Care.