More clear than ever

October 10, 2014

Times Argus

The recent article in The Times Argus concerning security shortcomings of the Vermont Health Connect exchange website should, if nothing else, point out the need for the future Green Mountain Care’s single payer/universal heath care plan. Instead of having to submit a complex application with personal financial information, single payer health care would only require proof of residency. Your health care will exist because you exist.

This is similar to Medicare, where a short visit to the nearest Social Security office is all that is necessary to sign up for benefits. Like Medicare, the funding mechanism is separate from an individual’s financial and other personal information, such as marital status and dependent(s) etc. Nor does it require perpetual updating of such information as an individual’s life situation changes which the A.C.A.’s Vermont Health Connect now requires. In short, from a security perspective, there isn’t the incentive for “hacking” someone’s personal financial information since there isn’t any!

Any real health care reform should provide universal coverage that is not dependent on employment or financial ability to pay large premiums, deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses. It should also be available to everyone who qualifies without having to provide documented personal financial information. Regarding the three main candidates for governor, only Peter Shumlin is emphatic in his support of single payer. Of the other two, one has a “non-position” position and the other wants to turn the clock back to the old insurance system that existed before “community rating” reforms.

Jerry Kilcourse