Freedom to be Bankrupted

March 20, 2012

Rutland Herald

To the Editor:

Joan Spaulding (“Keeping us dependent,” March 6) offers a powerful, patriotic incentive to the easily duped. She offers us all the “freedom” to stay sick, the “freedom” to have a fender-bender bankrupt us in the emergency room, the “freedom” to lose our job for lack of medical care, the “freedom” to lose our home because we lost our job, the “freedom” to join the 50 percent who are bankrupted because of medical expenses.

I suggest we change the state motto to, “Give Me Liberty and Give Me Death at the Same Time, only Drag It Out a Few Years.” She does a great job of showing that obviously VA health care and Medicare don’t work, locking our veterans and elderly into “government-based institutions that think they know best.” And as for being dependent on the government, the CEO of my insurance company is right there with her — he has seven million reasons to back her stand, while the director of the VA health care system only earns 2.6 percent of that.