Health care should follow the person, not the job

April 20, 2011

I am a 34-year-old Vermonter, and I believe that Vermont should move forward courageously to enact a public health care system that includes each and every one of us, without exception.
In my adult life thus far, I have had a number of jobs that do not offer benefits, including seasonal and temporary jobs. I am blessed to currently hold a job with good insurance. However, many of us are not as fortunate. It is common practice for employers to offer per-diem, part-time or temporary positions to avoid offering benefits, so it is very difficult to find a job in Vermont with health insurance. Vermonters are a hard-working and industrious bunch. We deserve to have equal access to quality coverage.

I believe that a universal health care system is the best thing Vermont can do for our future. I know that our state will thrive when we can follow our true passions and talents without always worrying about access to health care.

It makes so much more sense to have health care follow the person, not the job. We experience so many changes over the course of our life, it is crazy not to make health care a permanent public service. When we all participate and chip in, we will all benefit together.

Vermont can achieve an equitable and universal system that can serve us all. I believe, along with thousands of fellow Vermonters, that health care is a human right!


Burlington Free Press