Brock's plan makes it worse

June 15, 2012

Rutland Herald

Randy Brock’s primary strategy to become our next governor is to target Act 48 and Green Mountain Care and prevent the eventual transition to universal health care such as “single payer.” These attacks include blaming Act 48 for the closing of the Rutland Regional Medical Center rehab center due to a duplication of services in the Rutland area, although other key services at the center remain intact.

Contrary to his claim, a single payer would reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary insurance administrative paperwork for hospitals and physicians. They could then practice medicine and see more patients without the distraction of acting as billing clerks for the insurance companies. Moreover, any health care plan as mandated by Act 48, once it is fully implemented, must provide universal access for Vermonters to comprehensive care regardless of income or job status. This should be the main consideration for any health care reform plan.

Mr. Brock’s plan of unrestricted proliferation of out-of-state insurance companies regardless of past predatory practices as a solution for health care reform is no reform at all and is why we have community rating. It would guarantee making a bad situation worse for the 190,000-plus Vermonters that are now uninsured or underinsured. His mantra of “free market health insurance” advocacy makes him a more suitable candidate for president of AHIP (American Health Insurance Plans), the insurance trade association and lobby group than for statewide office.