Are you kidding? Single-payer plan is the biggest bargain ever

August 22, 2014

St. Albans Messenger

Republicans often hurl fear, uncertainty and doubt (“fud-flinging”) like monkey poo in hopes that it will stick. Franklin County Republican Party chairman Steve Trahan (“Calling out local Democrats … what’s the governor’s plan?” 8/16) does just the opposite: Thanks to his predictions, I can hardly wait to pay more in taxes!

I earned $34,079 gross and paid federal taxes on R an adjusted gross income (AGI) of $26,129, the basis on which Vermont taxes me. I had no Vermont credits, deductions or exemptions. My Vermont tax was $941.

That year I paid $1,105.86 for health insurance through the company. So, if my taxes have to go up 10% on my income and 14% on payroll (FICA), I will pay $389 more in taxes, but I will save $1,105.86 in health insurance. Furthermore, for that $389 I get insurance that stays in force even if I get laid off (e.g., Wall Street implodes again). Who gets that sort of deal, even with Green Mountain Care? And if my son ever needs more reconstructive surgery, I wouldn’t have to cash out my IRA again to pay for it; in Vermont, he’ll have his own coverage.

Now, what about my employer’s share of my FICA? A 14% increase on $2,113 is $295. Of course, she can dry her tears with the letter telling her that she no longer has to pay $1,105.86 for her share of my medical insurance.

So your readers ought to thank Mr. Trahan for alerting them to what will clearly be the bargain of the century for all Vermonters.

Chuck Gregory