Act on opportunity for health care for all

April 19, 2011

Now that insurance companies and "nay-sayers" are stepping in to derail our long, long battle to have health care recognized as a right of citizenship rather than something paid for by private insurers, it is urgent that we, the majority of Vermonters, let our opinions be known to our legislators. Insurance is wonderful for life, property protection and other quality items. However, our very health needs to be guarded by our society as a right of our existence, rather then how much we can afford as individuals. Yes, we need to care for our bodies in the best way we can and education is needed to further this goal, but none of us is exempt from a sudden dire diagnosis that needs expensive treatment and now often leads to bankruptcy and a lower standard of living for whole families.

It is sad that only in the United States and in Vermont, especially, one sees ads for communities having to raise money for expensive treatments to help struggling families. Taxation is a much better way to address these needs rather than calling it an insurance premium. Let's use our heads and use the opportunity that is now offered to us by the federal government in our democratic republic to sail full speed ahead toward reaching this most important goal of health care for all. We have studied and pondered far too long and the time is now!

God speed to our legislators as they work to make this possible!


Burlington Free Press