Health care not a competition

July 31, 2014

Rutland Herald

Frank Mazur (“Rules limit patient options,” July 25) uses the standard wing-nut welfare resources (in this case, the Koch Brothers-funded Mercatus Center) to offer the standard “savage capitalism” defense of the present system of health care provision: Don’t interfere with “competition” by insisting that health care providers meet the standards set by a certificate of need.

“Competition” is about dollars, not quality of service. We can afford to have competition for profit when it comes to selling toys and appliances, but not when human health and life are at stake. Mr. Mazur would like to see “urgent care centers” open across the state, but they operate by serving only the adequately insured. Their owners make huge profits only by increasing losses among Vermont’s providers who are required by law to serve all despite income barriers. As long as he has insurance coverage, Mr. Mazur will not see this as a problem. If, however, he joins the half of Vermonters who have inadequate or no insurance, he might change his tune.