How to monitor single payer

May 31, 2013

Rutland Herald


The Green Mountain Care Board is considering how best to ensure oversight of Vermont’s new health care system.

In 2005, the League of Women Voters of Vermont adopted a strong advocacy position in support of a single-payer health care system for Vermont. The league considered several oversight models, including legislative oversight as specified in S.147, a single-payer system vetoed by then Gov. Douglas; independent review by an assessment service such as used by the Veteran’s Administration to evaluate performance; and a representative body of citizens.

The method recommended by the league through a consensus process is oversight by a citizen board or commission. The league’s position goes on to say that membership on such a board should include representatives of all stakeholders: providers, consumers (balanced geographically and demographically), the Legislature, and the executive branch of government.

The league hopes that any advisory structure will include not just professionals or experts, but a spectrum of Vermont citizens, similar to the Green Mountain Care Board’s Advisory Committee, except with oversight powers.


East Montpelier