Treat health care as public good

May 01, 2011

As one of thousands of self-employed Vermonters who cannot afford health insurance, the health care legislation currently in the Statehouse is very exciting. Many would have us believe that a universal health care system would take away from our freedom and choice but I can tell you by personal experience that the current system does nothing but deny me those things.

If we really want to support Vermont's independent spirit we should separate access to health care from employment, so that small business owners and self-employed Vermonters like myself can realize their dreams. I believe health care is a human right. If we had a system that treated health care as a public good, our communities' mom and pop businesses would surely be better off. I hope that they will join me and thousands of other Vermonters on May 1 as we march to the Statehouse to help our small state lead the nation.


Burlington Free Press