The right reasons for sound defeat

February 05, 2014

By: Chuck Gregory, Springfield

Clearly editorials cannot report the news upon which they are based in full, so your board (“GOP takes stand against single-payer plan,” Feb. 2) had to exclude all the whereases that preceded the resolution the party passed.

However, I was given what is purported to be a copy of the full document, so I am happy to pass it along in full: “Whereas a universal, affordable, participatory, equitable and transparent single-payer health-care plan will: Level the playing field among businesses; encourage the best employees to stay rather than leave for a job which has health-care coverage; encourage the immigration of entrepreneurs who only need assured health-care coverage to create jobs in innovative endeavors; provide insured Vermonters with insurance that meets their needs at less than they have been paying; provide all the rest of Vermonters with insurance they never had; be a rock upon which all Vermonters can rely, even when they lose their job because they are too sick to work; end the role of medical bills in 50 percent of Vermont bankruptcies; reduce the cost of health care in Vermont and be a light unto other states to reform as well, THEREFORE, we urge legislative and statewide candidates to publicly oppose single-payer/government run health care due to the negative impacts on the state’s economy and the lives of Vermonters.”