Board Works Toward A Single-Payer System By 2017

February 21, 2014

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By Bob Kinzel and Patti Daniels

The Green Mountain Care Board is trying to create an affordable, publicly financed health care system for Vermont by 2017. The chair of that board, business-owner Al Gobeille, says the current financing system is a mess.

“Two-thousand years from now, someone will find our health care financing system and it will be our Mayan calendar,” says Gobille. “They’ll try to figure out if it was created by aliens.” On the next Vermont Edition, we talk with Gobeille about the effort to completely restructure health care financing and delivery in Vermont.

Also in the program, how recent accusations about the testing of Vermont Health Connect will affect electoral politics in 2014. Political analyst Eric Davis looks at that question, and the Republican Party's prospects for regaining some strength in the Fall election.